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Foot Value is more than a shoe shop. Here, you will find what you have been searching eternally.
Foot Value has selected for you the best of all the technological innovations elaborated in the last twenty years, in the whole world.


Technical shoes, for men and women, which bring you a solution. To offer you well-being, comfort or to soften some of your physical pains. For example, we have discovered a new extremely comfortable walking shoe especially designed for men OR women (Merell). Another model; weighing less than 190 grams gives the impression of walking barefoot in dry sand with its impressively light body weight (DUX)… .or one which soften feet aches ( Skechers). Let’s not forget the internationally successful MBT shoes, which improve your posture, relieve your joints and increase the activity of some of your muscles.


You will be advised by trained staff members, who will listen to you and will guide you towards the shoes which best fits your expectations.



Walking is one of the most natural functions of life. It is what characterizes our “humanity” ever since man was revealed upon its two legs (Homo erectus). Walking better, walking more, is living more.

If you have the impression that all the shoes that you are usually offered cause your feet to ache..
If you walk a lot and want to improve your well-being, while walking.
If your job requires you to stay in a standing up position during the whole day, either it tires or harms you.
If you constantly have cold feet, even when the weather is warm.
If you feel unable to put a foot in front of the other because your physical pain is stopping you.


Welcome to Foot Value. We are here to help you and to offer you a perfectly adapted solution. Our goal: that you leave our store with the pair of shoes that you need, after having taken your time to try them and make your decision.



Our feet are our foundations. Without them, there are no movements, no moving from one place to another and no standing up. Our feet are made of 28 bones, 20 muscles, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 200 000 nerve endings and sweat glands.

They support our whole body weight on seven main fulcrums: the heel, which carries two-thirds of our weight when walking, the metatarsus (located at the front of the foot, before the phalanges of the toes) and the five toes.